Dil Do Part -1 2022 Ullu Originals Web Series Watch Episode 1,2,3

Dil Do Part -1 2022 Ullu Originals Web Series Watch Episode 1,2,3

 The trailer of Dosto ullu new web series Dil Do Part 1 has been released on Ullu's official YouTube channel. The web series has received a great response from fans. Fans loved Dil Do Part 1 Web series very much and also fans loved the interesting story and the actors who acted in it Dil Do Part 1 has many famous actors who you guys Many have seen on the ullu platform who has acted in web series and because of those people like them very much in a sense you can also say that because of these actors this web series The rating went up even more.

Let's talk about how you can watch this web series Dil Do Part 1 episode 1, so let's tell people that you can watch this web series on the Ullu app, which you can easily download on Play Store. Also, keep visiting our website to know about Ullu latest web series.

Dil Do Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Tanya Chatterjee – Chameli
  • Priya Gamre – Suzane
  • Vihaan Kapoor – John
  • B B Chauhan – Girish (Chameli’s husband)
  • Supriya – Pushpa

Dil Do Ullu Web Series Story

Now talking about the story of this web series, in the trailer a woman gets a call from her sister Rishi and she is crying profusely, to which she asks what happened to her and she cries and says that Her husband's condition is very bad to which she comforts her sister and tells her that don't get tensed he will get well soon and asks her if he is undergoing treatment to which her sister says

 He sold all his land for his treatment but still, it didn't make any difference and I didn't tell this, my uncle, because I feel ashamed to ask him for money which his sister says. Don't stress about it, whenever you need money to remember me, I will help you.

She says to Dil Do Ullu Web SeriesChambeli, "Come on, fine, I am holding the phone. You are going to have a funny scene in the story. When Chambeli is returning home with some household goods, the owner of her house sneaks her." is being chased by. Because Chambeli and her husband live in a rented house and as soon as Chambeli enters the house he grabs Chambeli's hand from behind and says Bhabhi .

 I will help you and she along with her dirty Looking at Chambeli with his eyes and touches him Chenbeli is a Dread Dread and she doesn't say anything to him, she says with tears you leave it all, I will do it myself, but her house owner does not stop and takes the things and goes home and takes out the things and keeps them outside. He looks at the carrot and says that it has been a few days since Bhabhi ji got sick and you needed these things too.

Dil Do Part -1 2022 Ullu Originals Web Series Watch Episode 1,2,3

 Dil Do Part 1 Episode 2, Chambeli gets angry and tells him in harsh words, "Get out of here, what are you talking about, come out of my house now, now, come out of my house," to which her house owner smiles and says, house owner, leave now." You have to stay away from the house

 try to get closer to him so that he can fulfill his heart's desire and Chambeli also realizes that he is now blackmailing her. The house owner says you must have forgotten that I am the owner of the house you are living in, now I have to decide who stays in or out of the house and you live in this house anyway. 

Dil Do Part 1 episode 3 And if you don't give me the house rent on time then you have to leave this house. Chambeli says give us some time we will give your house rent to which Owner House Chambeli's hand and pulls him towards him. And he says that you should stay married, just give us time sometimes, on which Chambeli pushes him hard and says that if I can't marry you, then I am ready to do whatever you say except the rest. For the story, you guys have to watch the Online Dil Do Part 2 Ullu Web Series.

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