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Roommate Woow Web Series

Roommate web series watch online: The roommate web series episode one has received great responses from its fans. All episodes of this web series were released on 14th December 2022 on the Woow web series application. The rating of the web series has taken four months since it is highly watched and is currently trending at number one, and it has got the highest rating beside the Roommate web series story. You can watch all its episodes on the Woow app, which you can easily download.

Roommate Web Series Cast

  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Mandy Bhullar
  • Dhir Saab
  • Bittu Gill
  • Paramjit Pal
  • Lalli

Roommate Web Series Release Date

14th December 2022 Woo App

Roommate Woow Web Series Story

Roommate web series episode 1 shows a woman waiting for someone to come on an empty road, a driver is watching her from the side for a long time, and soon, the driver drives off with his limbo. He goes, seeing this woman spending the night with him. This scene is very well shot in the series. He handles this woman's hands like this as he handles his auto, and just as he enjoys his auto, he is having fun with the woman in his dream, clinging to her lips, sometimes hugging her, and then suddenly, someone's voice. Hearing this, his dream ends, and he wakes up and says that all the fun has been spoiled.

Roommate web series episode 2 shows that the woman is thinking of going to the clinic when she suddenly sees the same auto guy and asks him to give her company to drop her at the clinic. He gets very happy and brings an auto to her. The woman is late for the clinic, and the auto guy is waiting for her outside. Then suddenly, it's night, and the weather turns bad, and they get stuck. Their lady Pallavi has no place to go. This scene is also shot very well. He cannot control himself and clings to this woman, fulfilling his desires.

Roommate Web Series Episode 3 This episode will also be a lot of fun; for sure, you guys will get to see something explosive that the youth likes; the first two episodes have a lot of scenes that are very popular these days. To know the story of the third episode, you guys have to watch it all so you can watch this web series on Woow application.

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