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Dear Lottery Result Today 8 pm Prize List

Rank Name 

Prize Amount

1st Prize

Rs- 1 Crore

  Cons. Prize

Rs- 1000/-

3rd Prize

Rs- 500/-

4th Prize

Rs- 250/-

5th Prize

Rs- 120/-

Lottery Sambad is one of the big money-winning games. The fortunes are changing rapidly. Millions of people are looking for a chance to win prizes worth crores of rupees every day through their lucky numbers. Providing tips to people, Lottery Sambad has become one of the most played lottery games in the world, ranking as the most played game, especially in India. 

What makes Lottery Sambad stand out?

Have you ever played Lottery Sambad and wished to have more chances? Check Lottery Sambad Result; if not, then now is the time to play Nagaland Lottery Sambad Millions of people worldwide are in the lottery sea. It has made its place in people's hearts because it has changed these people's lives. These people were also disappointed like others, but when their lucky number came out, the lottery Sambad changed their lives.

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