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Dear Lottery Result Today 8 pm Prize List

Rank Name 

Prize Amount

1st Prize

Rs- 1 Crore

  Cons. Prize

Rs- 1000/-

3rd Prize

Rs- 500/-

4th Prize

Rs- 250/-

5th Prize

Rs- 120/-

Who is responsible for Lottery Sambad?

All Nagaland Lotteries are organized by the State Director, who is responsible for monitoring and safeguarding all aspects of the person's identification of winners and subsequent identification of their lottery tickets. The state appoints this director because all these matters are done by the state itself so that no problems can arise, and it is ensured that the basis of fair and transparent lottery results. 

Who is eligible to buy lottery tickets?

According to Nagaland State Lottery rules, anyone above 18 is eligible to buy this ticket Anyone can buy a lottery ticket; there is no restriction, but you are above 18 years of age. There should be more, so anyone who wants to try their luck in the lottery is welcome. It is important to remember that your lottery ticket must have an official stamp on it, as double-number tickets are also being sold. For this reason, buying tickets from illegal sources is illegal and legal action can be taken against such sources.

Is it legal?

In the Indian state of Nagaland, playing the lottery is completely legal, as well as holding a lottery; the only condition is that you have to get permission from the state. Where playing the lottery is a completely legal game. You are allowed to play it. Nagaland state has set some rules for these lottery games. The state director Lottery draw controls all Nagaland lottery is very transparent. The result is also done in a very transparent manner; you can check the result on the state's official website, but it is also important to note that it is illegal to play in some states of India.

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